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Cannabidiol For Gout

Published onMay 28, 2018

As Americans are gaining more weight,the likelihood of goutacross the country is also increasing. The most common risk factors are all related to being overweight. Luckily, CBD oil has been aiding many people who suffer from all types of arthritis, including gout.

Cannabidiol(CBD) can help with gout in many different ways from risk factors to symptoms. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil can help with weight loss, inflammation, and pain that are all associated with developing or having gout.

What Is Gout?

Goutis a common type of arthritis that happens when too much uric acid crystallizes and deposits into the joints causing pain and inflammation. This form of arthritis usually attacks one joint at a time, most commonly the big toe. Gout can also cause deposits that make upkidney stones. The symptoms of gout include:

Preventing Gout

You can try to prevent gout by taking care of your body. Exercising and eating healthy are great preventative measures that you can take that will also improve your quality of life. The common risk factors that lead to gout include:

While exercising and eating healthy can help prevent gout, taking CBD oil regularly can help as well. Hemp oil can help youlose weight, manage yourblood pressure, reduce yourresistance to insulin, and replace diet medications you may be taking that could contribute to gout. Besides helping prevent gout, CBD oil can also help with the symptoms when you already have it.


Inflammation is your body’s way of attacking outsiders known as pathogens that can be harmful to your body. Too much inflammation can actuallyslow down healingand can be very painful.

CBD oilhelps combat inflammationby elevating the endocannabinoid 2-AG which binds to the CB2 cannabinoid receptor helping to mediate the immune system. When the 2-AG endocannabinoid binds to the CB2 receptor, it tells the receptor to stop sending so many attack cells which reduces inflammation.


Pain is also common with arthritis because of the inflammation. If gout has created deposits that form into kidney stones, this can also be an excruciating pain that most find themselves bedridden over.

CBD can help by elevating the endocannabinoid anandamide which binds to the CB1 cannabinoid receptor which helps control the neurological functions. These functions include sleep, appetite, mood, andsensitivity to pain. When anandamide binds to the CB1 receptor, it blocks pain signals from making it through and helps you find relief.

How To Take CBD For Gout

You can use CBD orally or topically with gout. If arthritis has formed in your joints,using topicalscan help get the pain and inflammation down quickly. You can’t put a topical on your kidneys, however. Which is whytaking CBD orallyis also a valid treatment option. Stop by our shop and check out our variety of options to find relief that fits your comfort level today!

Have you used CBD oil for gout? We would love to hear all about it, leave your story in the comment section!










Hey Terry,

Using CBD topicals on your gout may be able to help. The CBD oil is absorbed through your skin and starts to fight inflammation at the sight. Using topicals is also a good way to avoid interaction with other medication that you are taking.

Hope this has helped!

CBD Instead

I have severe gout as well as RA, I take a lot of medication for it, Uloric, Zurampic, Rayos (prednisone), prednisone taper, plus meds for my afib, eliquis, metropolol, my question is what would you recommend I use or start out with, I’ve heard positive things about cbd, I know of a person who started a cbd buisness in Colorado who had crippling gout and now is healed from it totally but cant get them to contact me, this is the only site I found that addresses gout, any information would be helpful. Thank You

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