introducing wee hemp spirits

Introducing Wee Hemp Spirits – You say “It Canna’B”…Wee Say “It Can”…

Mar 05, 2019

Canna’B Rum

The Canna’B Rum Experience

The Wee Nose

A smoky aroma fills the glass from our worlds 1st ageing process with charred hemp stalks | Followed by the sweetness of award winning Royal Deeside bell heather honey | Immediately followed by an unforgettable bouquet of earthy, creamy Cannabis Sativa L from Cannabis seeds & the plant itself. A truly unique & unforgettable nose.

The Wee Palate

Sweetness from the molasses & bell heather honey dance perfectly on the tastebuds while the undertones of hemp help ground the flavours on the palate | The distinctive flavours are expertly balanced & the smoothness of Canna’B Rum will leave your palate eagerly wanting more.

The Wee Finish

A long, subtle, smoky yet sweet finish | Like nothing you have experienced before.

Canna’B Gin

The Canna’B Gin Experience

The Wee Nose

Introductory notes of floral cubeb berries coupled with citrus & sweet blossom honey all wrapped in earthy hemp | A complexity as unique as it is intriguing.

The Wee Palate

Refreshing & precisely balanced between the citrus notes, cubeb berries, Royal Deeside blossoms honey & earthy hemp | A wonderful & innovative marriage of flavours | Milk thistle adds smoothness & a silk like texture | Experienced with any garnish or mixer, Canna’B Gin will leave your palate dancing with anticipation for more.

The Wee Finish

Smooth, balanced & lingering notes of cubeb berries, sweet blossom honey & earthy Cannabis Sativa L | The experience will leave you pondering just how versatile Canna’B Gin really is? cbd for cats

Why Wee Hemp Spirits?

Wee Alchemy

Limited Edition CBD Wee Hemp Spirits

A UK 1st!!

Wee are excite to announce that Wee are the 1st in the UK to infuse Full Spectrum CBD with our luxurious Wee Spirits.

Launching in April 2019.


A Wee Bit of Hemp History

Wee may think of hemp as the new & latest thing on the market but in actual fact our relationship with hemp goes back much, much further.

The roots of hemp extend back thousands of years; to the end of the first ice age. Archaeological finds suggest that Cannabis Sativa, was likely one of the first agricultural crops planted by early man.

In fact, growing Cannabis Sativa, something we tend to think of as modern, is often associated with the birth of agriculture 12,000 to 10,000 years ago.

In China as early as 6,000 BCE, both the seeds and oil were used for food.

Two thousand years later, in 4,000 BCE, there is evidence of textiles made from hemp used in both China and Turkestan.

In 850, the Vikings transported hemp rope and seeds to Iceland.

By the year 900, Arabs were learning techniques for making paper from hemp.

By 1000, Italians were using ropes made of hemp on their sailing ships. daily dose hemp seed oil

The influence of the plant seems to have been global.

Today, consumers are primarily interested in the healthful properties of cannabis compounds, and there is a long thread of cannabis applications for healing running through all eras of history.

Greek philosophers, Herodotus, Napoleon and other legendary figures told stories about the healing properties of cannabis.

The physician for Nero’s army included cannabis in his medical inventory.

In 1563, the medicinal benefits of cannabis were discussed in a report by Portuguese physician Garcia da Orta.

A few years later, China’s Li Shih-Chen documented the antibiotic and anti-nausea effects of cannabis.

King Henry VIII actually fined farmers if theyDID NOT raise hemp for industrial use.

Less than one hundred years later, settlers in Jamestown, Virginia -The New World- began growing hemp plants for hemp’s unusually strong fibre. # The Best Just CBD by Just CBD StoreOnce the plant demonstrated its usefulness, it became illegal toNOTgrow hemp in Virginia.

By 1850, Cannabis was added to list of The U.S Pharmacopeia, a respected compendium of Medicines and Dietary Supplements.

That same year, cannabis was used throughout United States as a medicinal drug and could easily be purchased in pharmacies and general stores. This lasted until about 1915.

It’s also worth adding that hemp for almost two decades, has been growing in the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine as it actually helps to reduce the soil toxicity. It literally sucks toxins out of the soil & pollution out of the air cleaning the whole environment, now what other crop does that?

The Wee Launch

Launching March 6th, Wee will be the 1st hemp infused spirits on the market in the UK.

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Much Love xx

Calum, Rebecca & Mylo (woof)

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